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  • Plywood vs. OSB I-Joists

    Q. Do any I-joist manufacturers still use plywood webs? At my local lumberyard, I was told that manufacturers switched from plywood to OSB webs because the plywood tended to delaminate, but I suspect the real reason is that OSB is cheaper. I'd prefer to use plywood I-joists, because I think they'd...

  • Working with Flexible Trim

    Bendable polyester moldings can add a high-end look on a production budget. A veteran trim carpenter reveals some tricks for using them effectively.

  • Choosing Vinyl Windows

    There's more to vinyl windows than meets the eye. Here's an inside look at how they go together - and how you can use them to best advantage.

  • Shopping For A Generator

    The right-size generator will last longer and extend the life of your expensive tools. Here's what you need to know before you buy.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Laminate Countertop Edge Options

    Laminate countertop edge options

  • Toolbox: Router Innovations

    Three new router designs, a telescopic measuring stick

  • Wood Composite Decking

    Whether solid or hollow in section, these products promise durability and low maintenance without cracks or splinters.

  • Notebook

    Phaseout of CCA lumber, Marvin wins lawsuit, Stanley Tools moves offshore, exploding water heater saga, more

  • Connecting to the Future

    Home wiring no longer means just phone and electric. From simple lighting controllers to whole-house integrated systems for data, security, and entertainment, the residential automation market is exploding with options.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

    Ready-to-assemble cabinets