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More stories about Metal

  • Restoring a Church Steeple

    A wind-damaged church gets a new aluminum spire.

  • Industrial Metal Master 20 Portable Sheetmetal Brake

    The Industrial Metal Master 20 has the deepest throat on the market, says the maker.

  • Product: Bok Modern Lotus

    When two architects couldn't find an acceptable metal railing design for a project, they started their own metal panel company.

  • 2012 R+D Awards Citation: Integrated Reveal Base

    Primary Developer: Bogue Trondowski Architects

  • Steel Siding

    Bayside says its Metal Siding is less prone to expansion and contraction and more durable than wood or vinyl.

  • Product: Alcoa Architectural Products Reynobond with EcoClean

    Aluminum panels coated with a self-cleaning finish.

  • Product: Danze Eastham Collection

    A widespread or centerset-set faucet that carries the EPA's WaterSense label.

  • On the Job: All-Terrain Material Cart

    All-terrain material cart; transforming a fireplace

  • Build an All-Terrain Materials Cart

    Create an easy hauler for lumber and panels from supplies that you can find at the scrap yard.

  • Low-E Window Film

    Instead of replacing a sound single-pane window, consider adding Solar Gard Silver AG 50 Low-E Window Film.