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More stories about Metal

  • Building a Cantilevered Stair

    A hidden steel frame allows these wooden stairs to defy gravity.

  • Roofing Under Cover

    According to Colin McGhee, thatched roofs are “a bit of a novelty in the United States.” That perception won’t be diminished by the job he took on this past winter when he and his crew thatched a Maine island retreat.

  • On the Job

    Supporting an overhanging counter; quick tray ceiling; upside-down beam

  • Letters

    Leak-free chimney; stainless steel screws and copper; subslab vapor-barrier details; credit card warning

  • Pressure-Treated Wood: The Next Generation

    Today’s treated-lumber producers promise good protection with less corrosion, but the jury is out on long-term performance.

  • Products

    All-in-one flashing panel; spray-foam insulation; shower seat; lightweight steel beams; grass driveway mats; push-fit fittings; more

  • Job-Site Grind

    Many builders talk about sustainability, but John Suppes has actually put his money where his mouth is by purchasing an $80,000 waste grinder.

  • Bracing a House With Steel

    Glass walls and cantilevered overhangs call for a wind-resisting frame.

  • Cricket Retrofit

    A downslope chimney without a diverter is guaranteed to leak.

  • Treated Wood: The Times Are a-Changing