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  • Fixing a Wet Crawlspace

    A crawlspace expert describes how he turned a damp bug- and mold-infested crawlspace into a clean, dry, sealed environment.

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    Locating vents away from soffits, top-down roofing, wormdrive saws, building paper recommendation, ASHRAE 62.2

  • Painting Q&A

    There's more to a lasting paint job than choosing a color. Two experts answer builders' questions about how to make sure the paint sticks.

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    Mold and technique, necessity of building paper, flashlight recommendation

  • What to Do About Mold on Framing Lumber?

    Q. We're seeing more mold and mildew on framing lumber (or maybe we're just noticing it more, with all the recent attention to mold). Should we try to remove this before we insulate and put up drywall? How? Or is it safe to assume that it won't be a probl

  • In the News

    No copyright for building codes, refinance boom dwindling, baking houses, tornado lessons

  • Man on a Mission: Building Flaws Exposed

    In a nutshell, builders often violate the fundamental laws of physics. Mother nature doesn't like that. The resulting structures -- plagued by moisture, mold, and indoor air quality problems -- have compromised long-term durability. The builders and owners then suffer the consequences.

  • Products

    Flexible moldings, fast-grab adhesive, dimmable CF; panel, flooring, and asphalt roofing products

  • Making Sense of the Liability Insurance Crisis

    Insurance costs have gone through the roof, and availability is declining. What's behind the crisis, and how can builders continue to thrive in spite of it?

  • Indoor Mold Causes & Cures

    Despite the media hype, most indoor mold problems aren't difficult to resolve. A Texas expert explains how to treat mold and how to prevent it from gaining a foothold in the first place.