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  • Frustrated Investors Eye Better Acquisition Market in Second Half

    A dearth of quality assets is fueling cap rate compression in many major markets as investors line up to bid on the cream of the crop.

  • New Requirements May Mean Longer Wait for FHA Loans

    The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently unveiled sweeping changes to its multifamily programs, making it tougher on market-rate deals.

  • Financial Reform Act's Impact on Multifamily Borrowers Yet to be Seen

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law July 21, will undoubtedly impact commercial real estate lending.

  • All Eyes Ahead

    There was blood in the streets last year. More than 130 banks failed in 2009.

  • Multifamily Predicted to Hit Bottom by Year End

    If you thought the multifamily industry bottomed out in 2009, hold on to your hats.

  • Aqua Tower

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention

  • Infill Architecture: Urban Infill House 001 + 002

    Annual Design Review 2009: Live: Honorable Mention: Infill Architecture

  • Coming Attractions

    The conventional wisdom in the multifamily industry is that rents and occupancies are declining, and that nothing is getting built these days. And that's true, as owners struggle through lean times and financiers continue to hunker down and wait out the recession.

  • Grandbridge Amplifies Multifamily Debt Platform

    Grandbridge Real Estate Capital continues to expand its multifamily operations, both in terms of people and products.

  • Habitat Orlando Goes Multifamily

    THE FIRST FAMILIES have moved into Staghorn Villas, the most ambitious project undertaken by Habitat for Humanity Orlando.