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More stories about Net-Zero Energy

  • Getting Real About Energy Efficiency

    When it comes to the long-term energy performance of homes, there is little doubt — particularly after the recent spike in oil prices — that the marketplace is going to start expecting greater accountability and more sophisticated analysis.

  • News

    IRC adopts residential-sprinkler requirement; Long Island town imposes energy-efficiency standards; new homes shrinking; more

  • Making the Best of Rising Energy Costs

    Now is a good time to refine your green strategy in a way that guarantees profit.

  • Green Building: Island Solar

    At South Mountain, a 100% worker-owned remodeling firm on Martha's Vineyard, employee-owner Phil Forest has discovered that venturing into renewables — including energy audits, solar electric panels, solar water heaters, and wind-turbine generators — fills a niche in the building business that is...

  • Letters

    Residential Framing Revised ~ Backdrafting Reminder ~ No Free Lunch

  • Practical Details for an Energy-Efficient House

    A custom builder explains the simple steps he takes at the framing stage to create a tight, energy-efficient house.

  • Letters

    Crawlspace moisture solutions, advan-tages of steel framing

  • On-Demand Water Heaters

    For occasional hot water usage, or when fixture groups are located far from a central storage tank, instantaneous or point-of-use water heaters can be an economical option.

  • Focus on Energy: Roof Venting How Much Is Enough?

    Sizing roof vents

  • Focus on Energy: Software for Energy Design

    Energy design software