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  • How to Play It Safe When Approving Overtime

    Managing employees' overtime can be tricky. Here are a few tips to keep your staff happy and your company out of the courtroom.

  • Fall Protection for Holes

    A personal fall-arrest system does not meet OSHA's requirements for holes, says this letter-writer

  • NAHB Petitions OSHA to Reopen Construction Fall-Protection Standard

    A revised version of Subpart M could increase the maximum height at which workers can forego fall protection

  • Fall Protection for Roof Work

    Youíll need a written plan, proper training, and the right equipment to comply with OSHA safety rules

  • OSHA Extends Temporary Fall-Protection Enforcement Once Again

    The delay gives roofers another shot at getting the agency to reconsider its personal fall-arrest requirements.

  • Active vs. Passive Fall Protection

    Either guardrails or safety harness systems can be used to proect workers from falls

  • JLC Report

    OSHA moves to limit alternative fall protection; Senate votes to repeal much-criticized tax provision; Californians snap up smog-eating tile roofs; more

  • Lead-Safe Remodeling

    Lead-safe remodeling update; new energy code approved for 2012; error-minimizing tape measure coming soon

  • When to Call a Lawyer

    Contractors tend to avoid calling for legal help. Partly this is because they're used to solving their own problems, and partly it's because they don't want to rack up attorney's fees. But certain circumstances — let's call them legal emergencies — absolutely require immediate legal counsel.

  • In the News

    New pressure-treated lumber promises less corrosion; OSHA decides employers must pay for safety gear; more