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More stories about Operations

  • Maine Heritage Timber Reclaimed Wood Trim

    Old-growth timber lost during logging operations a century ago gets a new lease on life as interior millwork.

  • Super-Duty Vacuum

    According to Metabo, the new ASR 35 Vacuum Cleaner was specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of continuous use in operations that generate clouds of dust.

  • Practicing Safety

    By Bridget Mintz Testa. How do builders address the question of safety for Hispanic workers on the jobsite? Robb Pigg, vice president of operations at Shea Homes, in Walnut Creek, Calif., concurs: "The trades come and go.

  • Expanded Membership

    For the first time since its founding in 2000, Builder Homesite Inc. (BHI), the Web marketing consortium of 32 founding builder members has opened its doors to new members. Thomas Krobot, president of Roswell, Ga.'s Ashton Woods Homes' U.S. operations, meanwhile, has been one of a number of...

  • Letters

    Venting an island dishwasher; homemade beats store-bought every time; more

  • Letters

    Vo-tech education not enough; knowledge of building science is necessary; fiber-cement dust control; more

  • Letters

    Drip-edge requirements clarified; building science is getting too complex; insulation under metal roofs

  • Notebook

    Spanish on the job site; sting operations trap unlicensed contractors; insurance discounts for wind-resistant houses; contractor behind iron bars for lead paint violations

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    Guaranteed completion dates win the contract; undermount sinks; defending polyisocyanurate insulation; more

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    Metal roof questions; in praise of vinyl siding; vapor barriers; recessed fluorescents; bungalow windows; shower head heights; more