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More stories about Outbuildings

  • Products

    Windows; garage doors; decking

  • Underpinning a Foundation

    Before adding new living space above an existing garage, make sure the footings can handle the load.

  • The American Nightmare

    April Corrigan never expected it to happen to her. A single mother with two young daughters, she had a good job that paid $22.50 an hour and a nice place to live.

  • Q&A: Service-Entrance Cable Under a Garage

    Q: The proposed location for my client's new detached garage is right on top of a buried service-entrance cable. The electric meter is mounted on a pedestal about 100 feet from the house, and a conduit runs to the house through the area where the garage —

  • The Biggest Thing to Hit Town in 74 Million Years

    About 80 miles northwest of Des Moines, Iowa, lies the small town of Manson. Nothing much has ever happened there, unless you count the time 74 million years ago when a giant meteor crashed nearby. Actually, calling it "giant" doesn't do it justice: The meteor was 1 1/2 miles across, weighed 10...

  • Housing preserved in tourist town

    Newport, R.I.—50 Washington Square, one of the oldest supportive housing communities in the country, is still on the cutting edge.

  • Giving Freestanding Garages Their Due

    Giving freestanding garages their due

  • Products

    Sharp screws; a better roof clip; flashings; closet & garage storage systems; paints & coatings; garage doors

  • Keeping Garage Fumes at Bay

    Q. I'm building a house that has an attached 24-by-24-foot garage with a master suite above. The owner is concerned about fumes getting into the living spaces next to and above the garage. What's the best way to seal out the fumes?

  • Avoiding Expensive Mistakes

    Use this preconstruction checklist to head off trouble before the job starts.