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  • Simple Specs for Small Jobs

    Writing a good set of specs is just as important as drawing the plans. Here’s how to organize your specs and what to include in them.

  • Remodeler's Estimating Checklist

    What you overlook in an estimate will probably come back to haunt you. This comprehensive checklist can help keep you out of trouble.

  • Builder's Library: Historic Preservation Briefs

  • Lead Paint Update

    With lead poisoning stories in the news, and state and federal regs swelling, remodelers are nervous. JLC proposes a commonsense approach to safeguard workers and clients, and avoid liability.

  • Working Cost-Plus

    Cost-plus contracts can ensure a profitable job for builders who keep careful records and maintain good communication with their customers. Here are the contract provisions and cost-tracking systems that have worked for one builder.

  • Q&A: Painting Stucco

    Q: We are working on a cement-stuccoed house. The old paint is peeling in many places where water leaked from old gutters or was trapped by overgrown shrubbery. We have solved the moisture problems. What is the best way to prepare the stucco surface for new paint?

  • Stucco Patches

    A stucco specialist tells what it takes to make a repair that’s both durable and well-hidden.

  • Building With Style: Bathing With Style

    Bathroom remodel

  • Kitchen and Bath: Kitchen Cabinet Facelift

    New faces for old cabinets

  • Q&A: Painting Asphalt Shingles

    Q: Our clients are unhappy with the color of their roof now that the house has been painted. The asphalt shingles are less than two years old and are in very good condition. Is there any way to change the color of the shingles without replacing them?