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More stories about Paints

  • Trimaco's Old School Heavyweight Butyl Drop Cloths

    Made in the U.S., these washable drop cloths consist of a tightly woven polyester/cotton fabric with a triple-coated utyl-rubber backing that helps prevent liquids from leaking through while also resisting slippage on hardwood and other solid surfaces.

  • Preventing Drywall Patches From Telegraphing Through

    This thread from the JLC Forums discusses best practices for patching nail pops and small defects in drywall so that the patch doesn't telegraph through the finish coat of paint.

  • Collomix Xo 1 Hand-Held Mixer

    This easy-to-use mixer is handy for a wide range of mixing jobs from paint and plaster to adhesives, ready-mixed mortar, and other coatings.

  • Lead Paint Makers Could Face The Same Fate As Big Tobacco

    A lawsuit in California that seeks some $1 billion from former lead paint manufacturers.

  • No-Prime Spackle

    3M's Patch Plus Primer could come in handy for small patching jobs

  • Markable Coating

    Sherwin-Williams’ Dry Erase Coating can be written on with a marker, then wiped clean

  • Flex Paint Kit

    Two handy painting tools now come in one package

  • Super Stirrer

    The StirWhip's "fingers" are both flexible and strong

  • Small EIFS Repairs

    A stucco contractor explains how to patch minor nicks and abrasions in EIFS while matching the original finish

  • Binding Primer

    Peel Stop Paint Primer is three times thicker than standard primers, says the maker