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More stories about Paints

  • No-Prime Spackle

    3M's Patch Plus Primer could come in handy for small patching jobs

  • Markable Coating

    Sherwin-Williams’ Dry Erase Coating can be written on with a marker, then wiped clean

  • Flex Paint Kit

    Two handy painting tools now come in one package

  • Super Stirrer

    The StirWhip's "fingers" are both flexible and strong

  • Small EIFS Repairs

    A stucco contractor explains how to patch minor nicks and abrasions in EIFS while matching the original finish

  • Binding Primer

    Peel Stop Paint Primer is three times thicker than standard primers, says the maker

  • Double Duty

    Premium Plus Zero VOC Interior Paint combines the primer and finish coat in one product

  • Getting Oil Results With Waterborne Finishes

    Premium latex paints are easier to work with than traditional oils and can look just as good

  • Prepainted Trim

    Finished Elegance molding comes in 27 profiles

  • Five-Sided Dust Barrier

    The Encapsulator Workbag upacks into a 5x8-foot "clean room"