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More stories about Paints

  • JLC Report

    Ever since the EPA's Repair, Remodeling, and Painting (RRP) rule took effect in April 2010, remodelers around the country have been waiting expectantly for the agency to begin enforcement action against violators of its strict work-safety and record-keeping requirements.

  • Lead-Safe Paint Removal

    Choosing the right tool can make a nasty job easier and safer.

  • Restoring a Standing-Seam Roof

    Properly maintained, this elastomeric coating can protect a metal roof indefinitely.

  • How to Hide Rough Drywall Finish Showing Through Paint

    Q: A recent customer wanted to do his own painting and used an airless sprayer to apply primer to the bare drywall. He then rolled on the finish paint, but now he's complaining that the surface is rough wherever the drywall finisher sanded. He is blaming the drywall contractor, but I'm not sure...

  • Ladder-Top Tool Buckets

    A few years ago, Werner began equipping many of its stepladders with a top cap designed to hold a variety of tools and paint containers.

  • Safecoat Naturals Nontoxic Paints

    Safecoat Naturals nontoxic paints are finishes made from - in the maker's words - only "natural earth-based plant and mineral components."

  • Leading on Lead: A Rhode Island Renovator Creates a Lead-Safe Shop

  • Cordless Paint Sprayer

    The new ProShot one-quart sprayer — made by Graco for Sherwin-Williams — is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery for easy portability.

  • Additive for Longer Lasting Paint Jobs

    Polymatrx is an elastomeric paint additive that can make an exterior paint job last 20 years or more, says maker Gulf Synthetics.

  • No-Leak Masking Tape

    3M’s latest masking tape, ScotchBlue Advanced, has a moisture-activated additive that reacts with the water in latex paint to better seal along the tape edge.