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More stories about Paints

  • Cordless Paint Sprayer

    The new ProShot one-quart sprayer — made by Graco for Sherwin-Williams — is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery for easy portability.

  • Additive for Longer Lasting Paint Jobs

    Polymatrx is an elastomeric paint additive that can make an exterior paint job last 20 years or more, says maker Gulf Synthetics.

  • No-Leak Masking Tape

    3M’s latest masking tape, ScotchBlue Advanced, has a moisture-activated additive that reacts with the water in latex paint to better seal along the tape edge.

  • Better Paint Bucket

    Bercom’s Handy Paint Pail offers a couple of advantages over painting right out of the can.

  • A Brief History of Quonset Huts

    A hut for all seasons

  • JLC Report April 2010

    Skepticism greets California’s green-building code; a closer look at green paints; Hitachi recalls coil framing nailers after injuries; more

  • Specifying Drywall Finishes

    A Level 5 finish may prevent callbacks in areas of high visibility, but it's not always necessary.

  • Taking the Lead on Lead

    ALTHOUGH LEAD-BASED paint has been banned for residential use since 1978, federal regulators are concerned about the potential health threat to children posed by lead-containing-dust that may be generated when lead-coated components are repaired or renovated.

  • Letters

    Safe installation of basement water heaters; galvanized pipe for gas; painting old porch floors

  • Painting Composite Trim

    Does composite trim have to be prepped and primed like wood, or can it simply be painted? And what kind of paint should I use?