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  • Panelizing Houses

    How one builder uses technology to efficiently produce distinctive custom homes off site.

  • Letters

    Radon check; backfill pressure; Spanish lessons; mold precautions; source for rising hinges; more

  • On the Job: Simple Panel Wainscot

  • On the Job: Simple Panel Wainscot

    Simple panel wainscot

  • Retrofitting an Engineered Shear Panel

    Prefab panels made it possible to open up the floor plan by removing part of an interior shear wall.

  • Builders find new reasons to go solar

    Nothing says “green building” more clearly than a gleaming line of solar panels tilted to catch the sunlight.

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  • Building a Glazed Cupola

    This simple rooftop unit was built in the shop and lifted into place with a crane.

  • Bringing Two-Wire Circuits Up to Code

    Q. What's the quickest and easiest way to bring a two-wire circuit up to code?

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    Time-saving towel bars; electronics garage; manufactured chimneys; structural sheathing; outdoor lighting