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  • Building a Glazed Cupola

    This simple rooftop unit was built in the shop and lifted into place with a crane.

  • Bringing Two-Wire Circuits Up to Code

    Q. What's the quickest and easiest way to bring a two-wire circuit up to code?

  • Products

    Time-saving towel bars; electronics garage; manufactured chimneys; structural sheathing; outdoor lighting

  • Fast Box Newel - Fewer Nail Holes

    This carpenter-friendly design eliminates most of the nail holes.

  • Fast Floors With Structural Insulated Panels

    Using floor panels supported by engineered-lumber girders cuts production time on SIP houses.

  • Products

    Small-parts packer; vinyl siding; patio doors; outdoor living

  • In The News

    Study links unvented gas heaters and asthma symptoms; Florida builders issue waterproofing guidelines; New Jersey's affordable-housing fray; Chicago porch-collapse update; more

  • In The News

    Storm-protection products take off; Arizona cracks down; Washington state's safety-inspection spat; private firms to conduct inspections in Houston; more

  • Products

    Easy access panel; glass-tube fireplace; engineered lumber; housewraps; electrical equipment

  • Installing Stone Counters

    Stone counters require meticulously planned cabinetry and sturdy support. A stone contractor tells what you need to know.