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More stories about Passive Design

  • Brewer, Maine Multifamily Shoots for Passive House

    A multifamily project in frigid Maine shoots to meet a tough standard for energy efficiency.

  • Insulated Footings for a Massachusetts Passive House

    A Massachusetts builder starts a custom Passive House in suburban Boston with insulated foundation footings — this time, using Foamglas instead of plastic insulation.

  • Tips for a Net Zero House

    Using a house he recently completed in Austin, Texas, Matt Risinger succinctly boils down what it takes to get a home to net-zero energy useage.

  • Warm House for a Cold, Cold Winter

    This past month was the coldest February on record in Connecticut, but inside Mike Trolle’s Passive House in Danbury, the indoor temperature never dipped below 68 degrees.

  • Slideshow: Framing a Loft

    Coastal Connection follows the action as Cape Cod contractor Mike Hill frames the loft for a zero-energy addition.

  • A Net-Zero Addition on Cape Cod

    A Cape Cod remodeler stresses airtightness and rooftop solar panels in a bid for net-zero annual performance.

  • Framing a Two-Pitch I-Joist Roof

    To maintain a continuous air barrier, special attention needed to be paid to the seams that formed the joint at the wall plate where the rafters would sit.

  • Installing Windows in a Deep Wall

    Double stud walls that allow for higher R-values of insulation create particular challenges for window installation.

  • Maine Passive House: Framing Overhangs

    Work continues on the high-performance Maine ski lodge addition under construction by Jesper Kruse and the crew of Maine Passive House. Coastal Connection drops in to see the crew working on roof overhangs.

  • Enclosing and Strapping a Passive House Roof

    You’ve seen EcoCor’s Passive House panels under construction in the shop and you’ve seen the wall panels being set on site. Here’s a look at how EcoCor buttons up the roof system.