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More stories about Passive Design

  • Details for Foam-Free Superinsulated Construction

    The architects and Passive House consultants at 475 High Performance Building Materials are working on a comprehensive set of building details for new construction and retrofit that are designed to achieve Passive House levels of air-tightness and super-insulation without the use of spray-applied...

  • Warming up to Energy-Efficient Building

    Savvy builders embrace the changes that will make their houses perform better and be more durable.

  • Passive House Walls for an Old House

    A coastal Maine builder is applying his trademark Passive House wall system to an existing house by the water.

  • Wrapping an Old House in a Passive House Puffy Jacket

    Mid-coast Maine builders EcoCor, Inc., are applying their characteristic insulated wood I-joist exterior wall system package to an existing old house.

  • Standardized Energy Retrofits

    Can we tell what an older house will need as an energy upgrade simply by identifying it's building type? Can these standardized energy improvements be applied without an audit? Just how effective can they be? These are a few of the questions that a few Building America research teams have been...

  • Brooklyn Brownstone Makeover: The Energy Analysis

    This winter, JLC is following the deep energy retrofit of a brick brownstone row house in Brooklyn, New York. This week, we talk to Passive House consultant Cramer Silkworth about the energy efficiency details for the home, including the mini-split air source heat pump heating and cooling system...

  • To Improve the Energy Performance of Walls, Look at Total R-Value

    Today’s builders are learning to mitigate thermal bridging by using alternative framing techniques, continuous exterior rigid foam products, or both.

  • A Home with 19th-Century Bones and 21st-Century Guts

    To reach an energy performance standard near a Passive House on this 130-year-old Victorian house, the design team took a "box-within-a-box" approach.

  • Brooklyn Passive House: Sealing the Envelope

    In a brick row house in Brooklyn, a builder applies advanced coatings and membranes in a quest to meet the stringent Passive House standard for air-tightness.

  • Cold Snap Tests High-Performance Homes

    Cold snaps and power failures have triggered a moment of truth for advanced energy-efficient homes in the Northeast. JLC talked with some homeowners to find out the facts.