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  • Recycled Pavers

    Made of recycled rubber and plastic, Azek Pavers feel firm but have some give

  • Eco-Friendly Brick and Block

    Masonry products made with sustainable manufacturing methods.

  • Permeable Pavers

    Prevent excessive stormwater runoff and earn LEED points for your project.

  • Lightweight Green Pavers

    Vast's Composite Pavers are made almost entirely from recycled materials - mostly scrap tires and plastic bottles - and weigh one-third as much as traditional brick or concrete.

  • Laying a Flagstone Terrace

    For a smooth surface, cut the stones to fit and float them into place.

  • Paver Art

    Custom concrete pavers

  • Innovative Products for 2001

    Every year, product and tool manufacturers vie for your attention with the latest, greatest releases guaranteed to help you work faster, better, cheaper. Here’s our pick for 2001.

  • Landscaping With Brick Pavers

    Brick and concrete pavers can provide an attractive and durable outdoor surface. An expert explains how to select and install the materials.

  • Rural Driveways

    A paving expert describes how to plan, prepare, and pave a long driveway. The key to longevity is a good drainable base.

  • Details for Rooftop Decks

    Roofers may not like it, but consumers often want rooftop living spaces. Before you build one, read these tips.