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  • Q&A: Installing Shingles in Cold Weather

    Q: We have a lot of trouble installing fiberglass shingles in cold weather. The shingles tend to split and the tabs won’t seal. The old organic asphalt shingles seem to be unavailable. Any suggestions?

  • Q&A: Shingling Over Tar and Gravel

    Q: I would like to replace a tar and gravel roof with asphalt shingles. What is the best way to strip off the old roof? Or can I avoid stripping the roof and sheath over the tar and gravel?

  • Q&A: Painting Asphalt Shingles

    Q: Our clients are unhappy with the color of their roof now that the house has been painted. The asphalt shingles are less than 2 years old and are in very good condition. Is there any way to change the color of the shingles without replacing them?

  • Letters

  • Landscaping With Brick Pavers

    Brick and concrete pavers can provide an attractive and durable outdoor surface. An expert explains how to select and install the materials.

  • Rural Driveways

    A paving expert describes how to plan, prepare, and pave a long driveway. The key to longevity is a good drainable base.

  • Geotextiles & Geocomposites

    Whether block or concrete, basements always seem to leak. Now contractors can use man-made “geo” products to prevent leaks, and insulate too.