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  • January 2015 Letters

    Plan for reroofing when installing step flashing and counterflashing on a stucco house

  • Photography Tip - Zoom Bracketing

    In photography, "Bracketing" is taking a series of the same picture, but changing some aspect of the photo such as exposure, or the zoom angle of the lens as you progress through.

  • Using Evernote to Manage Your Business

    An introduction to the features of Evernote, a cloud-based application for storing, tagging, and retrieving text, images, audio, and other information on a computer or mobile device.

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    Aerial images add accuracy to roof measurements for a low fee.

  • Captured Light

    Six prominent architectural photographers—Peter Aaron, Iwan Baan, Richard Barnes, Timothy Hursley, Michael Moran, and Nick Merrick—select and describe their own images in terms of light.

  • Sixth Annual A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards

  • Letters

    Photos prove the point; flashing, not caulk; shimming jamb extensions; energy code follow-up

  • Photography For Contractors

    Get publication-quality photos with a digital camera and expert lighting techniques.

  • 2005 A|L Design Awards: Details

  • Picturing Your Project: Hiring a Photographer

    High-quality shots are marketing musts, so it is critical for firms to overcome their fear of cost and contract issues.