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  • Third Annual A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards

    The eight projects presented below, winners of the Third Annual A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards, made an impression on this year?s jury..

  • Project photography-who pays, owns and can use it-is a contentious issue.

    Project photography-who pays for it, who ultimately owns it, and who can use it-is a contentious issue. Few lighting designers can afford the fees, and hence are dependent on the architecture firms for photos, which often means a project is not well represented from the lighting perspective. The...

  • Lightbox | Darkbox

    Situated next to and slightly under an elevated freeway on the border between San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood and burgeoning Yerba Buena arts district, the RayKo Photo Center is a study in darkness and light. A recognized Bay Area institution, established in 1991, the Center combines...

  • Right Tools for Hanging Doors

    Q. I typically use prehung doors, but I'm building a project where I'll need to hang a dozen or more 13/8-inch 6-8 interior door slabs in 3/4-inch-thick custom poplar jambs. I also have to bore and install the cylinder passage sets. Could you advise me ho

  • In The News

    Quality control probe targets builders, opponents slow I-Code advance, aerial photos nail wetland violators

  • Become an Award-Winning Builder

    A successful remodeler explains how to go about winning awards and how it pays off in customer trust and satisfaction.

  • Q&A:Photo Documentation Tools

    Q. I'm involved in historic restoration and annually shoot a couple of hundred images. I'm looking for a simple (and inexpensive) software that will allow me to take the photos and do markups for comparison. What do you recommend?

  • Computers: Why Buy a Digital Camera

    Why buy a digital camera

  • Q&A: CAD Question

    Q. I’m looking for a CAD program that can produce 3-D drawings of a feature like a custom soffit that incorporates arches. I would also like to do standard house drawings. If I could take a digital photo of a project and make changes to the existing house for presentation, that would be perfect.

  • Using Television Advertising

    Recent developments in broadcasting and cable technology make television advertising a surprisingly low-cost way to make a big impression. Here’s how one media-savvy remodeling contractor does just that.