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    Why buy a digital camera

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    Q. I’m looking for a CAD program that can produce 3-D drawings of a feature like a custom soffit that incorporates arches. I would also like to do standard house drawings. If I could take a digital photo of a project and make changes to the existing house for presentation, that would be perfect.

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    Recent developments in broadcasting and cable technology make television advertising a surprisingly low-cost way to make a big impression. Here’s how one media-savvy remodeling contractor does just that.

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    Q: I recently inspected a home that had 3/8-inch OSB corner bracing. The surface stamp indicated that the strength axis of the panel ran in the long direction (see photo, below). I assume this means the panel should be applied with the long dimension across the studs, yet the builder had installed...

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    Using Paint Shop Pro to communicate with clients

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