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    A production-oriented finish carpenter shows how to build elegant but affordable mantels from MDF and stock moldings.

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    Drywall installation guides

  • Q&A: Which Way With OSB Sheathing?

    Q: I recently inspected a home that had 3/8-inch OSB corner bracing. The surface stamp indicated that the strength axis of the panel ran in the long direction (see photo, below). I assume this means the panel should be applied with the long dimension across the studs, yet the builder had installed...

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    Using Paint Shop Pro to communicate with clients

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    Documenting your work with photos

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    The presentation book as sales tool

  • Stacking Supported Valleys

    A roof with intersecting hips and valleys will test the mettle of many a seasoned framer. Using examples from a recent project, a roof framing specialist explains the foolproof method he uses to lay out, cut, and install three complex configurations: valley-to-hip, valley-to-valley, and a...