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  • In the News

    New tax break takes shape; top-dollar tarps in New Orleans; unvented crawlspace design guide; 2005 Solar Decathlon; more

  • Satellite Radio Setup

    A solar module charges the battery that powers the radio. The small gray device next to the module is the antenna. Like many tradesmen, I find it easier to get through the day if there's music playing in the background.

  • Solar Shingles

    Q. Solar modules that can be installed in place of roof shingles seem to make more sense than PV modules mounted on racks above the roof (see "Installing Solar Electric Power," 3/05). Besides being much less noticeable, it seems that using photovoltaic sh

  • Installing Solar Electric Power

    A photovoltaic system should be properly sized, built to code, and installed so the roof doesn't leak.

  • Q&A: Various Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Equipment

    Q. How cost-effective are solar panels?

  • Problem-Solving Tools & Materials

    This year's collection of new products can help you work smarter and better.

  • Notebook

    High school vo-tech programs in decline; fiber-cement roofing woes; photovoltaic glazing; faulty hvac system proves deadly; more

  • Notebook

    Free business advice for builders, rigid foam banned below grade in heavy termite areas, safety liability protection for GCs proposed, deducting bad debts, photovoltaic roof shingles

  • New England Update

  • Eight-Penny News

    Standardizing wood I-joists, group rates for workers comp, R-75-per-inch insulation panel, CO detectors send false alarms