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More stories about Photovoltaics

  • The View From Above

    In its few years of existence, the virtual globe program Google Earth — which allows anyone with Internet access and a personal computer to zoom in on recent satellite images of almost any point on the earth's surface — has attracted millions of enthusiastic users.

  • Water + Life Campus

    Lehrer, principal of Los Angeles–based Lehrer Architects, joined forces with architect Mark Gangi and his brother, developer/ construction manager Frank Gangi, in a design/build partnership that came together specifically to work on the Diamond Valley Lake museums.

  • On The Circuit Boards

    It's taken until the last decade for LEDs to develop to the point where architects can exploit their technological and aesthetic advantages at a large scale.

  • Ambitious Green Projects Focus on Basics

    The gleaming new solar panels on Trolley Square send a clear message to passers-by that this new affordable mid-rise project is a green building designed to use less energy than conventional construction.

  • Go-Ahead to Study PV Use

    The Electrical Contracting Foundation has recognized a need to better understand the photovoltaic (PV) market, and has voted to fund a study of the technology. In addition, the foundation has noted that the increasing application of PV systems is 'sparking turf wars among various building trades.'

  • In the News

    Solar incentives; Massachusetts sub vs. employee test; energy-saving lighting design guides; more

  • Backfill: Building in the Alaskan Bush

    Building in the Alaskan bush

  • In the News

    New tax break takes shape; top-dollar tarps in New Orleans; unvented crawlspace design guide; 2005 Solar Decathlon; more

  • Satellite Radio Setup

    A solar module charges the battery that powers the radio. The small gray device next to the module is the antenna. Like many tradesmen, I find it easier to get through the day if there's music playing in the background.

  • Solar Shingles

    Q. Solar modules that can be installed in place of roof shingles seem to make more sense than PV modules mounted on racks above the roof (see "Installing Solar Electric Power," 3/05). Besides being much less noticeable, it seems that using photovoltaic sh