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  • Master Plan | Paris

    An integral part of Paris' urban redevelopment, a new lighting master plan is one for the people.

  • Master Plan | San Luis Potosi

    Lighting links the city's historic past to the present and restores a sense of civic pride.

  • Article Discusses Light Issues on the National Mall

    As the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. by its very nature is a city focused on rules and regulations, and buildings are no exception. In "Bathed In the Right Light," a Washington Post article for August 26, 2007, authored by culture critic Philip Kennicott, the behind-the-scenes process of how...

  • The Savior of New Orleans?

    So much depends on Ed Blakely, the planner charged with pushing the recovery effort from idea to reality.

  • KINGSTON BRIDGE, glasgow

    challenge Glasgow has joined the ranks of European cities employing light as a vehicle for urban design and civic renewal. The City Council's lighting initiative-'Glasgow: City of Light'-not only complements the municipality's extensive rejuvenation plan for the neglected stretch of land on either...

  • A Moment in Nature

    An unprecedented urban place-making opportunity on Manhattan's West Side is about to become a reality. The conversion of the High Line, an abandoned 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure that runs north-south for 22 blocks, is the focus of four master plan proposals by multi-disciplinary teams on...

  • Best Flooring for a Humid Climate

    Q: I'm planning on installing laminate flooring on the first floor of my North Carolina house, which is built on a ventilated crawlspace. But I'm concerned that the laminate finish will trap moisture and eventually lead to rot damage in the subfloor and f

  • Business: Marketing by Home Show

    Marketing by home show

  • Realistic Scheduling for Remodelers

    The owner and production manager of a high-end remodeling company tell how they build schedules they can stick to.

  • By Design: Window Placement Inside and Out

    Window placement inside and out