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  • Roughing-In for Kitchens and Baths

    Here’s a prescription for installing k&b fixtures and appliances with minimal trouble, by a remodeling foreman.

  • The Lowdown on Low-Flow Toilets

    Ready or not, a federal law that kicks in next January will make low-consumption toilets mandatory in all new residential construction.

  • Bringing the Bathroom Up to Code

    The bathroom is the most regulated room in the house. A contractor discusses the accessibility, safety, energy, and structural requirements you must comply with.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

  • Q&A: Removing Water Scale From Fixtures

    Q: I’ve had several customers interested in salvage sinks and faucets for kitchen and bath remodels. However, most of these old fixtures are covered with water scale. What causes the scale buildup on kitchen and bath faucets and fixtures, and how can it be removed?

  • Bath Design Basics

    How to design successful baths — starting with accurate fixture dimensions and comfortable clearances.

  • The Down & Dirty on DWV

    A plumber explains how vents and traps work and how to solve some difficult venting problems.

  • Plumbing Pointers for Remodelers

    A few plumbing surprises can easily blow your estimate. A master plumber tells you what to look for on a pre-bid inspection.

  • New Products: K&B for the 90s

    A close look at the trends, innovations, and new products at this year’s K&B Industry Show by JLC’s kitchen and bath editor.

  • Up-Flush Basement Baths

    The old rule that sewage runs downhill does not apply here. A plumbing contractor tells how to handle drainage when adding a basement bath.