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  • Septic Systems for Coastal Homes

    Along the shore and intercoastal waterways, all sites are "difficult," requiring extra treatment for wastewater. Charles Wardell examines some of the more successful alternative treatment options that are being used by home builders up and down the coast.

  • Demo Near Post-Tension Cables

    Q. What precautions should you take when tearing out a post-tensioned slab? What are the risks? We are pouring a large post-tensioned slab, and while there is no demo involved at this stage, I would like to know how to proceed in case there is a plumbing

  • Backfill: Pipeline to the Past

    Plumbing of the past

  • Low-Flow Update

    Ten years after low-flow toilets became law, there are more and better options on the market than ever before.

  • Kitchen & Bath: When a Double Vanity Just Won't Fit

    When a double vanity won't fit

  • Q&A: Plumbing Around Floor Trusses

    Q: We’re installing a fiberglass tub unit over a truss-framed floor. A small plan change moved the tub so that the overflow pipe lines up with a floor truss below. There’s just enough room to run the drain above the truss, but is it okay to run the drain horizontally for a foot or so beyond where...

  • Q&A: Cellular PVC Pipe

    Q. What is cellular-core PVC pipe? Is it as strong as solid PVC pipe?

  • Sizing Domestic Water Pipes

    A master plumber provides a step-by-step method for sizing water supply pipes, based on code and common sense.

  • Q&A: Polyethylene Water Service Pipe

    Q: I would like to use black polyethylene water service pipe for plumbing in the crawlspace of a house that has a black poly service line. Are there any code limitations on using polyethylene pipe?

  • Q&A: Insulating Pipes in an Exterior Wall

    Q: What’s the best way to insulate plumbing supply lines in an exterior 2x6 wall?