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More stories about Porches

  • How to Build Cambered Columns from PVC Boards

    A straight taper at the bottom transitions to a curve at the top, making for some careful millwork.

  • Restoring an Old Porch

    Solid piers, strengthened framing, and durable finish materials promise a long life for this rejuvenated beauty.

  • Quick Porch Enclosure

    Over 20 years ago, on a vinyl siding job, I screened in a deck that had a shed roof.

  • Replacing Giant Columns

    A methodical approach yielded masterful results in this oversize remodeling project.

  • Custom-Carved Corbels

    As part of a job finishing a side-porch addition to a Victorian home, I had to reproduce six decorative corbels.

  • Letters

    Safe installation of basement water heaters; galvanized pipe for gas; painting old porch floors

  • On the Job

    An unlikely window; bench bump-outs expand a narrow porch

  • On the Job

    Custom shower niches; working inside the bubble

  • Using Bending Rail

    Laminating a curved stair rail takes sturdy forms and a lot of clamps.

  • Products

    Accordion Screens ~ Ingenious Deck Spacers ~ Rolling Along ~ Weather-Resistant Wood Doors ~ Houdini Hutch ~ Practical Porch Railing ~ PVC Porch Decking ~ Impact-Resistant Acrylic