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  • Q&A: Making a Balcony Door Watertight

    Q: I built a house with a second-floor balcony, and I installed waterproofing membrane and tile on the balcony deck. Around the perimeter of the door, I installed Moistop flexible flashing. The siding is stucco. The room under the balcony is now leaking.

  • Q&A: Velvety Wood Decay

    Q: When inspecting the porch floor joists of an 1880s farmhouse in Illinois, I was surprised to see that the joists and the underside of the tongue-and-groove fir decking appeared velvety, and looked like they were covered with matted dog hair. The surfac

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    Designing a contemporary home with a period feel

  • Q&A: Choosing and Finishing Porch Boards

    Q: I am planning to replace the porch floor on a 120-year-old Victorian home. Since cedar and redwood seem too soft for a porch floor, I am choosing between tongue-and-groove yellow pine, vertical-grain fir, and mahogany. Can you explain the advantages and disadvantages of these species when used...

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    A veteran electrician gives you a leg up on your inspector with this summary of the latest NEC changes.

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    This quality-conscious remodeler describes the materials, finishes, and installation techniques that keep the exteriors of his jobs looking good.