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More stories about Post-Tensioning

  • Toolbox

    DeWalt DW304PK recip saw; Cordpro; Ridgid R82233 right-angle impact driver; planes & rasps; painting tools

  • Choosing Kneepads

    For greater comfort, look for pads that fit the work you do and try before you buy.

  • Toolbox: Metabo KGS 305 Miter Saw

    Metabo KGS 305 miter saw; extension cords; finish carpentry

  • Toolbox

    Milwaukee's V28 tools; stepladders & accessories; hammers

  • Toolbox

    LVLs in crawlspaces; insulating knee walls; taping knee walls; limits on outlets

  • Toolbox

    Bosch RS20 reciprocating saw; concrete tools; knives

  • Toolbox

    Ridgid R3210 wormdrive saw; demolition tools; drill bits & drivers

  • Why Doesn't a Post-Tensioned Slab Buckle?

    Q: Is it possible that a post-tensioned garage slab could literally buckle in half when the tendons are tensioned, or does rebar in the slab prevent that from happening? Also, why are these types of slabs so common in Las Vegas? Is it because of the soil?

  • Cordless Finish Nailers

    Balance, power, and fast cycle time are key.

  • Letters

    Safety factor; willing workers; school days; starting a training program; insurance-work advice; setting the record straight in Arizona; more