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More stories about Preservation

  • Rehab of Historic Landmark Helps an Active Mother

    OMAHA, NEB. - For more than half a century, the Livestock Exchange Building served as the center of Omaha’s livestock industry—before it fell vacant as the stock pens stood empty.

  • BEST HISTORIC REHAB PROJECT: Midtown Exchange a Stabilizing Force

    MINNEAPOLIS—The Midtown Exchange Apartments, a 219-unit development located within the massive Midtown Exchange building in South Minneapolis, has had a stabilizing effect on its neighborhood.

  • BEST PRESERVATION PROJECT:Turning a Rundown Property Around

    FREDERICKSBURG, VA.—Sonya Ellis remembers when her mother’s apartment got shot up by a gunman several years ago. 

  • Framing a Curved Porch

    Laminated beams and PVC trim round off the corner on a new porch for a historic building

  • On the Job

    Raising the bar on efficiency; restoration in the round

  • Historic Buildings Restored for Seniors Housing

    ALLENTOWN, PA. - . Pennrose Properties specializes in restoring landmark buildings, and its expertise was just what this city needed to transform two early 20th Century downtown buildings into 63 one-bedroom apartment units for independent seniors aged 62 and older.

  • Historic School’s Students Come Home

    ANNAPOLIS, MD. - A cultural landmark for African-Americans in Maryland, the Wiley H. Bates High School sat vacant for more than 20 years.

  • Utah School Remade into Housing

    PROVO, UTAH - . The Provo City Housing Authority not only saved a historic school from being razed, but also used the property as a catalyst for neighborhood rejuvenation

  • Finalists by Category

  • Custom House, New York City

    The Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, a 1907 Cass Gilbert masterpiece at the southernmost tip of Manhattan, contains many treasures. Portraits of explorers and carved wooden screens in the old collector's office vie to capture the visitor's eye, often losing out to the colorful fresco cycle of...