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More stories about Preservation

  • San Antonio Spirit

    During the day, it's one of a handful of romantic pre-Depression-era skyscrapers gracing the downtown skyline. But at night, ask any San Antonian to name the most iconographic building of their hometown and chances are good the Tower Life building will top the list (OK, the Alamo and Tower of...

  • In the News

    Big builder goes solar; restoration show; affordable-housing index; more

  • A combination of indirect light and modern pendants help turn an outmoded commercial building into urban apartments.

    huntsman architectural group's renovation of the landmark at Grant Avenue, one of the first office-to-residential conversions in San Francisco's central business district, stands as a testament to lighting's ability to alter an existing space for alternative uses. Designed by Coxhead and Coxhead...

  • Crafting the Historic Luminaire

    The architectural considerations for a historic preservation project can be complex, and the same holds true for its lighting.

  • Highlight: Higgins Hall

  • the relationship between architecture and light

    one of the overarching themes contained in the pages of A|L is the relationship between architecture and light. Disciplines unto themselves, projects are richer when the two speak in unison. Lighting and historic preservation, as the projects in this issue demonstrate, are no exception.

  • boathouse row: incandescent vs. led

    can leds effectively relight historic structures in a way that respects content and conveys authenticity within a contemporary context? That is the question raised by the updated exterior lighting system for the 12 Victorian-era boathouses along Philadelphia's Schuylkill River.

  • st. john's college, annapolis, maryland

    challenge How do you tackle a renovation project when it is one of only a handful of buildings east of the Mississippi by noted International Style architect, Richard Neutra? That was the task facing Baltimore-based Ziger/Snead Architects in its quest to provide 'restoration and modernization'...

  • Interview: Restoring Trust

    The projects that D.P. Thomas Construction complete each year on or near the water around Wrightsville Beach, N.C., range in cost from $150K to well past the million-dollar mark. What owner Dave Thomas started as a small remodeling firm in the 1970s has grown to become a local authority on the...

  • Ghosts of the Gold Rush

    Tell Charley Spiller that his roofs look like they've been cobbled together from tin cans, and he'll thank you for the compliment. Spiller, a maintenance mechanic for California's Bodie State Historic Park, works in the ghost town of Bodie, Calif., on buildings that haven't been inhabited for a...