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More stories about Preservation

  • From a Historic Home, a New Project Rises

    SEATTLE - The Pantages Apartments started with the saving of one landmark house and grew into significantly more.

  • Historic Wonderland Saved

    SILVER SPRING, MD. - Here’s one benefit of historic restoration work: Interesting people sometimes come to your groundbreaking.

  • Historic home gives rise to new project

    Seattle—A landmark in the Capitol Hill community here has been preserved as the centerpiece of an award-winning affordable housing project.

  • Storms and Screens for Metal Casement Windows

    Q: My clients love the look of the original diamond-grid metal casement windows in their historic stone house, but they are not happy with the windows' performance in cold winter weather. The outswinging casements have been fitted with fixed interior stor

  • Historic rehabilitation still hot

    Developers are using more federal historic rehabilitation tax credits than ever before, even though many historic buildings in prime locations have already been restored, according to a joint study of the program by Rutgers University and the National Tru

  • Hotel revived to serve seniors

    Shawnee, Okla. -- A $9.2 million historic preservation project has transformed a dilapidated landmark into 61 elegant, affordable apartments for seniors and a renewed source of community pride.

  • WHEDA puts more money into preservation

    Madison, Wis. — The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Develop-ment Authority (WHEDA) has committed another $10 million to its Wisconsin Saving Our Stock (SOS) program, which focuses on preserving Sec. 8 units.

  • RD creates new Sec. 515 preservation program

    Congress has allocated the first few million dollars for what advocates hope will become a massive new program to refinance aging rural housing projects.

  • Tool Test: Trim Routers

    For light routing, these laminate trimmers do more with less

  • Great import: Yin Yu Tang

    Should you ever find yourself in historic Salem, Mass., skip the wacko occult shops — okay, stock up on black candles or whatever — and head over to the Peabody Essex Museum for a walk-through tour of beautiful Yin Yu Tang, an estate built circa 1800 to 1825 in Southeastern China.