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  • Watersaving Dual-Flush Toilet

    User can choose wash-down or siphon-action and water volume for each flush.

  • Redesigned Aquatic Whirlpools

    More jets, less water retained in pipes.

  • Flood Barrier for Doors

    For flood-prone homes this add-on can prevent seepage through the bottom of exterior doors.

  • Oak and Hickory Engineered Flooring

    For parquet and plank-flooring designs.

  • On the Job

    Building a small ceiling dome; installing sculptural wall panels

  • Products

    Permeable pavers; hardwood flooring; environmentally friendly bricks; tub and lav faucets; flood barrier; compact air exchanger; more

  • Durable Doors

    Nantucket Collection solid wood exterior doors are built to withstand whatever nature throws at them, says the manufacturer.

  • Filter and Softener

    The Kenmore Elite Hybrid Water Softener does more than soften water and prevent scale buildup in fixtures and appliances.

  • Products

  • Light and Stiff

    Easi-Lite gypsum board weighs up to 30 percent less than standard gypsum board and has a high-strength core that allows it to span 24-inch on-center ceiling joists without sagging, says CertainTeed.