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  • Retrofit LEDs

    Nora Lighting recently added a 4-inch 10-watt model to its Diamond Series of LED retrofit downlights.

  • Products

  • Big Power, Small Package

    According to Rheem, the 29-gallon XR90 Extreme Recovery Gas Water Heater exceeds the performance of most 50-gallon water heaters but costs less to operate than any standard 30-, 40-, or 50-gallon model.

  • Cool Tools for 2012

    The top products on display at the STAFDA show.

  • Product: Walker Zanger Wood Age

    A porcelain tile designed to mimic the look of end-grain wood.

  • Products

    Dishwasher; deck screws; nontoxic paint; sliding-door track; refrigerated drawers; period moldings; battery operated heater; grab bar; fireproof foam; more

  • Bosch 800 Plus Dishwasher

    The quietest dishwasher available in North America?

  • Designer Deck Screws

    Color-matching trim heads, sharp points, and self-clearing threads--designed for composite decking

  • Non-Toxic Paints

    "Green" paints claimed to be free of VOCs, formaldehyde, toxins, and carcinogens.

  • Spec-Compliant Caulks

    Product line takes the guesswork out of selecting sealants, adhesives, and foam.