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  • Fireproofing for Foam

    Intumescent latex-based coating for foam-insulated attic and crawlspaces.

  • Drawer-Style Refrigerator/Freezer

    Undercounter drawer can be programmed with electronic controls to function as a refrigerator, chill drawer, freezer, or wine chiller.

  • Historically Accurate Moldings

    Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival look-alike millwork

  • Grab Bar and Toilet Paper Holder All in One

    Curved design is easy to look at and easy to install.

  • Faster, More Efficient Fridge

    Cools foods in half the time and exceeds energy efficiency standards.

  • Prefab Post Wrap

    With KleerSnap Post Wrap, it takes as little as 10 minutes for a single worker to trim out a post, says the maker.

  • Weather-Resistant Sheathing

    Drywood is a structural wall and roof panel with an integral weather barrier that eliminates the need for roofing felt, waterproof membranes, or housewrap.

  • Damage-Resistant Deck Railing System

    The Trex Transcend Decking & Railing System is made from the same durable, low-maintenance material as the company’s standard products, with one difference: The tops and sides of the boards have a hard-shell coating with a wood-grain pattern and low-sheen finish that allegedly resists stains...

  • Spray Foam Adhesive for Roof Tiles

    When I need a powerful gap-filling adhesive, I reach for a can of polyurethane foam. Touch 'n Seal is hoping roofers will do the same.

  • Fast-Drying Wood Glue

    Titebond says its new fast-drying PVA formulation for interior trim carpentry eases the hassle of assembling vertical joints.