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  • Battery-Powered Window Shades

    The QMotion may look like a simple pull-down shade, but a motor and battery pack are concealed inside its roller tube.

  • No-Cope Corners for Crown Molding

    Not everyone relishes the challenge of coping and mitering crown molding.

  • Tile Adhesive in Sheet Form

    Adhesive tile mats - self-adhesive sheets with peel-off liners on both sides - allow you to fasten tile to surfaces without dipping a trowel in a bucket of glue.

  • Products

    Self-adhesive fire tape; condensing boiler; insulated skylights; minimalist receptacles; multipurpose toilet; affordable LEDs; wood tiles; dryer fan; more

  • Glass Cabinet Pulls

    An easy way to add pizzazz to a humdrum kitchen is to upgrade the cabinet pulls.

  • Discreet Keyless Entry

    The SimpliciKey Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt is designed to look just like a traditional mechanical lock (it even has a functional keyhole).

  • Low-Noise Fan

    A new player has jumped into the high-end bath-fan market. Delta Products Corp. says Breez Ventilation Fans have ball-bearing-equipped DC brushless motors and 67-fin impellers for ultra-quiet energy-efficient operation.

  • Solar Attic Fan Controller

    The company best known for its lineup of solar-powered attic fans now offers a way to expel hot air even after the sun goes down.

  • Nonslip Floor Cover

    Cover Guard Floor Protection is a flame-retardant polyethylene sheet embossed with a diamond-plate pattern to prevent slippage.

  • P-Trap With Built-In Clog Buster

    Instead of plunging, snaking, or pouring harsh chemicals down a stopped-up drain, how about just turning a dial?