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  • Sun-Kissed

    Additions to two of Israel's leading art museums open up to the vibrant daylight of the Mediterranean.

  • The Cushing Center

    Dr. Harvey Cushing's groundbreaking collection of brain specimens is sensitively displayed in a new permanent exhibit at the Yale School of Medicine.

  • Show & Tell: Museum Lighting

    From the Archive presents articles from the past 25 years of content, with new commentary from the original author.

  • ADR Jury

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  • Deadline Nears for GO Zone Projects

    Billions of dollars in federal grants and tax incentives flowed to the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, including more than $325 million in Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs).

  • Gulf Coast Revival

    NEW ORLEANS— Five years after Hurricane Katrina, Providence Community Housing has emerged as one of the most active affordable housing developers in the Gulf Coast.

  • Utility Bridge and Telekom Bridge Video

  • Citi Pilots California Bond Program

    SACRAMENTO, CALIF.— California officials and representatives of Citi have come up with an innovative plan to help jump-start construction lending for affordable housing projects in the state.

  • More Focus Needed on Data Collection

    There is a great deal we know about how to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of building operations, but there is also a great deal we don't know.

  • Experiments in Light

    Light can assume many different personalities. Its mercurial properties enable it to be simultaneously utilitarian and abstract. And, on occasion, when artistic explorations lead to practical applications, we are reminded of design's capacity to solve problems and re-imagine basic principles.