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  • Removing Epoxy Grout

    Q: After the tile installer left one of our recent projects, we found dried epoxy grout on some of the bathroom's fixtures. He also failed to remove the grate from the shower drain when he grouted and now excess epoxy clogs the drain and fills in the screw slots, making it impossible to remove the...


    MIDLAND, MICH. -- Brookstone Capital, a Midland-based developer, has completed two affordable housing projects in Michigan.

  • (Un)strictly Ballroom

    Ranked among the 10 largest convention center ballrooms in the nation, Kansas City, Missouri's Bartle Hall Ballroom is, needless to say, enormous, encompassing a vast 46,450 square feet.

  • Q&A with Caleb Roope, president and CEO of The Pacific Cos.

    CALEB ROOPE is president and CEO of The Pacific Cos., an affordable housing developer headquartered in Eagle, Idaho.

  • Times Square New Year's Eve Ball, New York City

    The Times Square New Year's Eve ball might have looked somewhat different this past December. To honor the ball's 100th anniversary, lighting designer Paul Gregory and his team at New York City–based Focus Lighting were asked to update the ball's design utilizing light-emitting diode (LED)...

  • Master Plan | Philadelphia

    Innovative urban lighting plans are revitalizing the form and character of the center city district.

  • Utilizing Historic Tax Credits

    Historic tax credits can be a great development tool for affordable housing developers, though navigating the regulatory process can be tricky, said panelists at AHF Live.

  • RBT Student Light Fixture Competition

    It seems fitting that a design competition open to college students should focus on a dorm room. That was the challenge of the 2007 Robert Bruce Thompson Student Light Fixture Competition—to create an attractive, durable dorm room light fixture to address students' general living and study needs.

  • Outside Is Inside

    Exploring lighting's impact on the spatial parameters of an elevator cab was the focus of this studio at the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum, Germany. 

  • Light and Shadow

    Started as a studio project and then continued as her Master Thesis, Marta Felizardo's work explores the dynamic quality of light, the interplay of light and shadow, and how these same qualities might be applied to electric sources.