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  • Florida County Prepares To Tear Down An Abandoned Project

    They’ve stood empty and half-finished since 2006. Now, the county is ready to tear the houses down.

  • Stainless Steel and Rebar

    Q: Can stainless steel tie wire be used with standard rebar?

  • Rod Chomper RCBE-6

    Trade professionals often talk about 'the right tool for the job.' When it comes to cutting and bending rebar, Rod Chomper's hydraulically operated RCBE-6 is that tool.

  • Adding to an Existing Slab Foundation

    An engineered schedule of epoxied rebar pins reinforces the joints.

  • A Pier-and-Beam Foundation For a Coastal Site

    Where unstable soil and periodic tidal flooding are a concern, helical piers topped with a concrete stem wall rise to the challenge.

  • Underpinning a Foundation

    Before adding new living space above an existing garage, make sure the footings can handle the load.

  • On the Job

    Slick pocket-door trick; smooth tube piers

  • Fixing a Bowed Basement Wall

    Q. A foundation wall in my customer's two-story home has a 2-inch bow in the middle of its 53-foot length and two stress cracks located 10 feet from either end, all probably caused by backfilling while the concrete was still green. As far as I know, no re

  • Why Doesn't a Post-Tensioned Slab Buckle?

    Q: Is it possible that a post-tensioned garage slab could literally buckle in half when the tendons are tensioned, or does rebar in the slab prevent that from happening? Also, why are these types of slabs so common in Las Vegas? Is it because of the soil?

  • Repairing a Bulging Foundation

    A veteran contractor shares his method of repairing damaged foundations with tension rods and concrete deadmen.