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  • Foundation Replacement

    A foundation contractor describes the shoring techniques that make his replacement jobs safe and profitable.

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    A stucco specialist tells what it takes to make a repair that’s both durable and well-hidden.

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    Hairline cracks in old plaster require more than just forcing in some spackle. A plaster repair specialist describes his techniques.

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    Q: I am working on an old house with a stone basement foundation. The foundation is sound, but leaks. What is the best way to repair this?

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  • Epoxy Concrete Repair

    For repairing concrete foundation cracks, you can’t beat epoxy for a strong, permanent bond. Here’s how to select the right materials and install them properly.

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    A third-generation structural repair contractor tells how to diagnose and fix rotted sills and joist ends.

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    Q: Puzzled by conflicting energy advice? We asked our panel experts to help out by summarizing the latest thinking on a number of thorny issues.

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    An engineer who regularly specs flitchplates for residential remodeling projects takes a look at their pros and cons.