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  • Bridges in Light' Calls Our Industry to Action

    in october 2003, the lighting research center held 'bridges in light: the first continental congress of lighting' in historic Saratoga Springs, New York. It attracted a moderately sized audience of lighting industry leaders, dominated by major manufacturers. Among the many different conferences in...

  • Statistics

    lamp breakage releases up to one ton of mercury annually into the air -- National Electrical Manufacturers association

  • An Alternative Vision of Home

    it's a bit of an odd story, really, it's not what you'd expect,' explains John Peterson, principal of Peterson Architects in San Francisco, and founder of Public Architecture, a nonprofit organization devoted to pro bono design work. He's talking about the origins of ScrapHouse (

  • naed endowment on a roll

    the recent arrival of a steady stream of press releases announcing substantial donations to the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) Education and Research Foundation piqued the curiosity of A|L editors. What prompted the donations? And why the sizable amounts? The answer is a...

  • NAED Education and Research Foundation Announces EPEC Course Updates to Include 2005 NEC


  • Code Name: Purple

    An innovative infrastructure system dares to explore new territories.

  • OptoEngineering Makes Donation for LED Research

    Tulsa, Oklahoma-based LED company OptoEngineering, a manufacturer of patented pre-designed, pre-assembled LED lighting arrays for the sign industry, has made a substantial donation to the Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology at the University of Texas A&M-Commerce. The donation, the...

  • NEMA Publishes LE 4-2006


  • Survey Says ...

    since the american institute of architects released the first quarter results of its first-ever Home Design Trends Survey in June 2005 (see 'Home Design Survey: Useful Aid,' A|L Residential, Summer 2005), the remaining quarter reports have been released. These surveys address business conditions...

  • LED Advancements Ahead

    attention is being paid to the development of solid-state lighting, and funding is following suit. Partnerships, such as the agreement signed in February 2005 by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)-administered Next Generation Lighting...