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  • Go-Ahead to Study PV Use

    The Electrical Contracting Foundation has recognized a need to better understand the photovoltaic (PV) market, and has voted to fund a study of the technology. In addition, the foundation has noted that the increasing application of PV systems is 'sparking turf wars among various building trades.'

  • Bridges in Light' Calls Our Industry to Action

    in october 2003, the lighting research center held 'bridges in light: the first continental congress of lighting' in historic Saratoga Springs, New York. It attracted a moderately sized audience of lighting industry leaders, dominated by major manufacturers. Among the many different conferences in...

  • Statistics

    lamp breakage releases up to one ton of mercury annually into the air -- National Electrical Manufacturers association

  • Round-The-Clock Research

    Put 10 really smart college students into a combination dorm and laboratory, give them complex projects to work on, and monitor everything they do. The Home Depot Smart Home at Duke University in Durham, N.C., may sound like the premise for a reality show (that question is even addressed in the...

  • Enrollment on the rise

    Developers and brokers report that there are more investors than ever in the student housing market, as universities across the nation are projecting increased enrollment.

  • Notebook

    Code copyrights questioned, research on radiant heating, Solar Decathlon, marketing wheat-straw board, union-funded home mortgages

  • Q&A: Backpriming Siding

    Q: I have often read that wood siding should be backprimed before installation. But I believe that a primer without a finish coat is of no value, because I don’t think a primer can slow down moisture movement. Has there been any research or testing on thi

  • Q&A: Identifying Poria Fungus

    Q: While renovating a home in New Jersey, I found a fungus-like growth a few inches long growing between the tile floor and the base molding in the bathroom. The house is on a concrete slab. Is there anywhere I can have this growth tested to see if it is poria?

  • Notebook

    Drywall shortage is history; ASHRAE’s new ventilation standard meets resistance; rebates offered for affordable housing in Dallas; knee therapy holds promise for builders; precut stud lengths all over the map; more

  • Practical Engineering: Holding Down the Roof

    Wind uplift on roofs