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  • Letters

    Unvented attics meet code; mystery setup; the joy of SIPs; safety-story feedback; more

  • Safety Lessons

    Construction sites can be hazardous to your health. Nine JLC readers share their war stories.

  • In the News

    Flooring guidelines under attack; recycling ordinances; Spanish-language safety video; more

  • Breakline

    Restoring Trust - School of Demolition - Tougher Codes - High Hazard Study - Storm-Tracking Tools

  • Lane cuts down on accidents

    Atlanta – Lane Co. has dramatically reduced the number of on-the-job accidents during the last several years.

  • Letters

    Notes on safety; pandering charge; support for higher energy performance standards; vinyl-siding school; wallpaper liner; fire sprinklers

  • Buying a Compact Excavator

    Ownership can reduce your dependence on subs and create new sources of revenue, but be sure to consider all the costs.

  • Letters

    Note from New Jersey; snow-covered vent pipes; the continuing safety-factor discussion; more

  • Job-Site Safety Lessons

    Experience may be the best teacher, but when it comes to matters of job-site safety, sometimes it’s better to learn from someone else’s. Here are 11 cautionary tales from JLC readers.

  • Tool Test: Door Planers for Door Hangers

    A good fence, versatile controls, and a long base for controlling snipe are key.