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  • Tracking the Owner's Time

    You need to know what functions you perform before you can make informed hiring decisions.

  • Not So August: Builders, Economists Still See Mediocre New-Home Sales in 2014

    New-home sales in August reached the highest annualized pace since 2008. But many builders and economists still expect sales for this year to underwhelm, ultimately either matching or only slightly exceeding last year's level.

  • Can the Housing Market Recover?

    Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped.

  • How to Conduct a Job Start Review

    If you work with employees or subs, you need to be clear about what, exactly, the project entails and when it's expected to be completed. Everyone needs to understand. This job start package lays it all out.

  • Sales Agreement Specifics

    There’s always the possibly of incurring liability because of something your sales rep said during the sales presentation. One way to limit that possibility, construction lawyer Patrick C. Barthet says, is to have the right sales agreement in place, with appropriate disclaimer language.

  • New-Home Sales Hit Two-Year High in September

    Pricing and inventory numbers further brightened the positive report.

  • Survey: How’s The Economy?

    Let us know how your local economy is doing.

  • The Salesmen's Circle

    You can be the nicest person in the world and loved by everyone, but that won't necessarily make you an effective salesperson. Nor does demonstrating vast knowledge on an array of products. Here are a few tips from veteran LBM manager George M. Fishtorn II.

  • Sales Lessons My Mom Taught Me

    My mother was a crack sales rep for Bristol Myers, but to me she was mostly just my mom.

  • Make More Money By Controling The Growth Of Your Building Business

    When I was a young builder in the early '80s, there was an old-timer in town who worked with a couple of his sons, a small crew, and a handful of good local subcontractors.