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  • More Distress Sales Coming?

    AS THE BANKING sector slowly returns to health, more distressed multifamily assets are expected to hit the streets next year.

  • More Distress Sales Coming as Banks Return to Health

    With the banking sector continuing to lick its wounds and slowly return to health, more distressed multifamily assets are expected to hit the streets next year.

  • The Road to Recovery

    BALTIMORE’S RECOVERY hasn’t been as robust as its closest neighbor, Washington, D.C., but signs suggest that employment and economic growth are right around the corner.

  • Managing a Construction Business by the Numbers

    Managing by the numbers

  • In Coastal New England, Home Sales Rebound as Prices Slide

  • Apartment Sales Volume Jumps 63% in Third Quarter

    The increases in sales just keep coming. Sales volume rose 63 percent to a total of $8.5 billion from the second to third quarter of the year, according to Real Capital Analytics (RCA).

  • Before You Drop Your Prices, Read This

    Has it ever occurred to you that dropping your prices to stay in business could put you out of business? Many contractors tell me they’ve had to drop their prices to remain competitive in today’s market. They just know they’re losing jobs because the “other guy” is cheaper.

  • Relatively Unscathed

    THROUGHOUT THE RECESSION, Oklahoma City has received a tremendous amount of national attention as a result of its relatively stable economy. And that attention is welldeserved.

  • Boosting Revenue With Change Orders

    Clearly, change orders are a vital piece of our business model, and they don’t just happen by accident. We lay the groundwork for changes by keeping clients happy and informed throughout the job process. Dissatisfied customers, we know, are unlikely to authorize additional work.

  • Worries Grow Over Major Portfolio Sales

    The possibility of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae selling a large portion of their lowincome housing tax credit (LIHTC) portfolios looms over the struggling tax credit market.