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  • Controlling LIHTC Property Taxes

    When it comes to property tax considerations for affordable housing, one expert summed it up well.

  • Stormy Year for Windy City

    IN THE LONG RUN, THE Chicago area apartment market is well-poised for sunny skies. But local owners will have to fly through a gathering storm to see the sunshine again.

  • Cleveland's Soft Landing

    ALL IS NOT DOOM AND GLOOM FOR Cleveland apartment owners.

  • Condo Auction

    The Edge sells 37 condos in one day—with help from a gavel and discounted sales prices.

  • Track Your Business With a Dashboard

    Even companies with good systems can get into trouble if they don’t manage their growth. To avoid this fate, Jim Kabel created a “dashboard” — a set of fundamental numbers that shows the monthly trends in their sales and production pipeline: leads, close rates, job profits, and customer...

  • Defining Your Niche Can Help in Downtimes

    I specialize in custom decks. I switched to this niche last winter, when my backlog of general remodeling work dried up and I had no jobs on the horizon. The suburbs of New York City — where my business is located — were hit hard by the economic downturn; many GCs I knew were going out of business.

  • Sandler Sales Training: Is It Worth the Cost?

    For small contractors in today’s competitive market, sales skills can make the difference between struggling and prospering. Yet many contractors turn up their noses at formal sales training, viewing it as a waste of time and money. Are they right? Or is enrolling in a training program an effective...

  • Cloudy Outlook

    Rising loan foreclosures and slow sales of houses and condominiums have affordable housing developers and officials across the Northeast scrambling to adjust.

  • New Sales Reps Added

    Premier Lighting Sales Agency, Lenexa, KS, will represent Schréder Lighting USA's complete line of products in Kansas and Western Missouri. To contact Premier Lighting, visit

  • Litecontrol Adds TLC as Sales Rep

    Total Lighting Concepts (TLC) has been added as a