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  • Ardee Names Regional Sales Managers

    Ardee Lighting has appointed two new regional sales managers: Neil B. Rettig is for the Western United States, covering all states West of the Mississippi River. He can be reached at 805-532-1419; and Kenneth M. Neppach for the Eastern United States, covering all states East of the Mississippi...

  • Journee Names Sales Representative

    Journee Lighting of Westlake Village, California, has named Prudential Lighting Products, based in Los Angeles, as its first exclusive sales representative for the Southern California region. Contact Prudential's sales staff at (213) 746-0360.

  • Jesco Lighting Forms New Division, Announces Sales Reps

    Jesco Lighting of Glendale, New York, has formed a Hospitality Sales Division, for designers and architects focusing on hotel, restaurant, and themed-venue projects; it will be lead by lead by Mark L. Gardiner. Jesco also has named several sales representatives around North America and the Hawaiian...

  • Save Time With a Lead Sheet

    The first estimate my company ever produced was for a basement remodel. I spent an hour driving back and forth to the prospective client's house, two hours talking to her, and then several more hours doing a detailed estimate.

  • Manufacturers Appoint Sales Reps

    Venture Lighting of Streetsboro, Ohio, has appointed Las Vegas, Nevada-based Candela Sales as its representative throughout Southwest Nevada for its entire line of metal halide system solutions. For sales and information, contact Debbie Gable, president of Candela, and her staff at (702)...

  • Texas is Tops for Luraline Sales

    Lighting manufacturer Luraline has announced its annual Sales Achievement Awards winners. Two out of three of the company's top-selling sales agencies for 2006 hail from Texas. The Lighting Alliance of Dallas, which covers a sales territory ranging from New Mexico to northern Texas and eastward to...

  • Selling the Company

    In 1983, after working on my own for several years, I started Buck Brothers Construction (BBC) with my brother, Joe. We built the company slowly: At first we did all the work ourselves; then we started subbing out the mechanicals; then we hired carpenters; and finally we developed an office staff.

  • Remodeling's Deadliest Sins

    Nine common business mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Leviton and Osram Sylvania Updates

    has announced the appointment of William Marshall to the position of senior vice president of sales and marketing, Daryoush Larizadeh to senior vice president of the company, and Matthew Silverman to training manager for its integrated networks and controls and residential lighting control...

  • Maurer Prototypes For Sale

    this fall, several ingo maurer designs will be available through two different events in New York and Paris. The first is a fundraiser, through which Maurer will donate the proceeds from the sale of his personal 'one-off' of Porca China (a variation of the suspension lamp Porca Miseria) to the...