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    A carpenter turned salvage contractor tells how he turns a profit keeping used materials out of the landfill, and shares some methods for removing common salvage items without damage.

  • Brokered Relations

    When Sue Streeter started doing real estate broker programs in Las Vegas, Nev., 12 years ago, the strategy could be summed up in one word: shrimp. Today, Streeter is the Realtor relations coordinator for Pulte Homes' Del Webb communities in Las Vegas.

  • Digital Evolution

    Thirty-two builders and a group of major suppliers came together in late June to form a new venture, New Home Technologies, to make the dazzling array of options available, via builders' Web sites, to home buyers. Terri Connett, the manager of new business development at Whirlpool Corp., said she...

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    Marketing by home show

  • Getting Contractor Discounts

    All deals are negotiable, but to get the best price, you have to understand the rules of the building materials market.

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    Choosing to grow

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    Why buy a digital camera

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    Finding and keeping nice clients

  • Favorite Low-Cost Marketing Techniques

    We survey builders and remodelers around the country for successful marketing ideas that don’t require big bucks.