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    Heatway & Goodyear square off in radiant tubing failure, L-P adds money to siding settlement, Senergy leaves EIFS group, dangers of fluorescent lamps, wood stoves & Y2K, mold lawsuits in Calif., benefits of insulating attics

  • Answers to Ten Tough Business Questions

    We asked a dozen builders and remodelers across the country about their experiences in starting and growing their businesses. Here is their wisdom, gleaned from the school of hard knocks, on everything from hiring and delegating to estimating and charging for design.

  • Strictly Business: How Do You Spell REFERRAL?

    How to guarantee good referrals

  • 10 Remodeling Sales Myths

    When it comes to sales, conventional wisdom isn’t for everyone. A builder and remodeler describes the sales techniques that work for him — even when they fly in the face of “expert” advice.

  • Big Bang Low Bucks Marketing

    A successful design-builder explains how to get the most results from the fewest marketing dollars.

  • Notebook

    Strong economy brings stiff competition, employee background checks, designing a home office

  • Farewell to Competitive Bidding

    This remodeler improved his company’s performance — and service to clients — by dropping out of the bidding rat race. Here’s how and why he did it.

  • Going Belly Up: A Builder Looks Back

    Unmanaged growth can result in “too much of a good thing.” A former builder looks with 20/20 hindsight at what he should have done to keep his company from going out of business.

  • New England Update

  • Sales for People Who Don't Like Selling

    If you’re uncomfortable playing the role of salesman, you’re not alone. An experienced contractor gives step-by-step instructions on how to plan and present a sales pitch.