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More stories about Saws

  • Reflections on Reconstructing an Old Barn

    The materials for this project arrived on the job the usual way — via truck delivery — but that was pretty much where any resemblance to a normal job ended.

  • Smooth-Cut Jigsaw Blades

    Thanks to teeth that face in two directions, Dual Cut jigsaw blades can perform burr-free cuts on both sides of a workpiece, says the maker.

  • Weaving a Cedar Roof Valley

    Cedar roofs are common in Eastern Massachusetts, where I live and work.

  • Three Milwaukee 12-Volt Cordless Plumbing Tools

    Earlier this year, my crew and I tested three cordless plumbing tools from Milwaukee's M12 lithium-ion line.

  • Building a Curved Handrail

    Thanks to bending rail, it's not that difficult to form curved handrail sections for a circular staircase on site.

  • Inline Circular Saws

    As a framer, I prefer inline saws to sidewinders because they're more durable and less likely to bog down in heavy cutting.

  • Innovative Products 2011

    A sampling of the tools and materials on exhibit at JLC Live in Providence, R.I.

  • Improved Recip Blades

    Lenox says its T2 demolition and wood-cutting reciprocating-saw blades now cut 25 percent faster than earlier models and last twice as long.

  • No Tool Needed for Recip Saw Blade Changes

    If you've ever had to rummage around for a lost Allen key, you'll appreciate Metabo's new ASE18 LTX 18V cordless reciprocating saw.

  • Simplified Crown Molding

    The Cut-N-Crown System features a plastic jig that replicates a molding's spring angle so that you can cut both sides of a miter without resetting the saw.