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    Our tool editor looks at both single- and double-compound models with an eye toward accuracy, durability, and ease of use.

  • JLC Online

    Using PT plywood as subflooring, dust-free drywall finish-ing, quick drywall takeoff

  • Q&A: Solid Floor Blocking

    Q: In the search for a bounce-free floor, does either solid blocking or cross-bridging do anything to reduce the vibration caused by foot traffic? I haven’t been able to sense a difference between blocked or bridged floors and those without blocking or bridging. Consequently, I haven’t used either...

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    Leaks in buried copper, positive placement nailing system, employee vs. sub, spec building

  • Laying Out Unequally-Sloped Gables

    Here’s a simple method for figuring the rafter runs on a lopsided gable — where each side of the roof has a different pitch.

  • Toolbox: Dust-Free Router

    Dust-free routing

  • Contractor Table Saws

    Portable tablesaws are handy, but 10-inch contractor models are the workhorses of most job sites. Our tool editor assembled and tested six new saws; here’s how they stack up.

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    Designing for children

  • Foolproof Handrail Layout

    A long-time stair builder shows how to use a full-scale drawing to lay out rails, newels, and balusters quickly and accurately every time.

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    Adding on to a small house